Happy New Year, my friends. I'm having a lazy day here at Casa d'A.K. - Husband and Baby have gone to visit our favorite hangout while I get an hour or so of quiet. No better time to get my resolutions together (but in no particular order):

  • Raise my knitting to the next level. It's time to try out some lace and cable patterns already.

  • Get my finances in better shape. How the heck am I gonna pay for yarn if I'm mired in credit card payments?

  • Go on more dates with Husband. Since Baby A.K. came into the world (and I know all my Mom/Dad readers can attest to this), we just don't get enough "alone time" anymore. Even if it means sitting at our favorite hangout, reading and knitting, so be it.

  • Get back to the gym. I know, how boring - everyone has this one on their list. I fell off the wagon around November when I started my holiday knitting, and actually, I've missed it. My goal is to work up to running at least a couple of miles 3 or 4 days a week. And hey, it's a great way to catch up on my knitting podcasts.

  • Do more for me. Children create a huge money vacuum, and just as your parents probably did, you end up sacrificing for them. You forgo that cute dress hanging in your favorite store window and don't even bother looking for a new pair of flats so that your little one can have something new and sparkly. But after 2 years of this, it's really getting to me. I deserve nice things sometimes, and dammit, I'm gonna get 'em this year.

Well, that's all I've got. And what timing - Husband and Baby A.K. have returned with fantastic tales of their reading adventures. Ahhh, more reading... that's another resolution...

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Deb S. said...

Ah, resolutions. I have a few myself. I too have exercise on my list though I do stuff at home rather than the gym. I'm going to France & Italy in June so will be doing lots of walking. Have to get in shape for that!!

Yep, kids can be a money pit. Just wait until they're driving and you're forking out more for car insurance. And for me, in two more years it will be college expenses (YIKES). But don't worry, I've been treating myself a little bit recently as I found some great sales at Kohl's. My wardrobe is shaping up nicely.

Have to tell you that now I realize why people have UFO's. I've been making blocks for a quilt my cousin and I are making. I need to make about 35 blocks for the project but thought I'd make double that so I can make myself a little something. And I am bored, Bored, BORED with only about 25 blocks made. So, now they are on the back burner until I work on something else. After all, I'm not seeing her until the spring or summer to layout the quilt so I have plenty of time ... right?

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