As If The Sheep-To-Shawl Contest Couldn't Get Any Cooler...

... it's reached critical mass now. It's official: I'M LIVE-BLOGGING THE SHEEP-TO-SHAWL CONTEST AT THE PA FARM SHOW!!!!!!

Just got the call this morning from PA Department of Agriculture press secretary Chris Ryder, who loved the idea when I first plugged it to him a month or so ago. However, when I spoke to him earlier this week, we weren't sure this would happen. There was a question of funding wireless Internet connections at the Farm Show facility, which can get very expensive. But as of this morning, the wireless question has been resolved, and I'M LIVE-BLOGGING THE SHEEP-TO-SHAWL CONTEST AT THE PA FARM SHOW!!!!!!

So what's "live-blogging"? Live-blogging is a way to bring an event to the Internet community in a fun, real-time way. If you pull up this blog around 3 pm on Wednesday, January 9th, and every few minutes hit your "Refresh" button, you'll catch minute-by-minute posts of all the goings-on on the competition floor, as well as interviews, fun facts, and pictures. So for my readers who can't get out that day to see the contest live, or just live too far away, the "play-by-play" style will make it feel like you were there.

So come one, come all! Whether you catch this year's Sheep-To-Shawl contest right here on my blog, watch it on PCN, or cheer on the teams in person, it's sure to be a great time. I hope to see some of you there - I'll need you to fetch me a milkshake and some fried veggies at some point.


(I'm a little excited.)


Judy said...

Congrads! I had hoped to be there this year to watch it up close & personal but can't get away. The TV coverage is only from 3-4:30 and then the auction at 6:30 so I am glad we will have first hand reports. I can't wait!

Cris said...

Yaaaahoooooooo! I didn't think it was going to go through, since we didn't have much positive news -- but I'm so happy for you that it did!

My own Sheep-to-Shawl plans are up in the air; too many other things trying to also happen on Wednesday. Staff meeting at work, other meeting at work, washer/dryer delivery to home ... argh. At least I'll have somewhere to keep tabs on the competition now, if I can't get there myself!

Congrats, good luck and have fun! Hope you see you there...

D.Hart said...

Thank you for what you did! I was one of the participants from the Loyalhannon Spinners,I really appreciate the effort you put into this.!!!!Great photos.

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