An Ode To The Sexiest Women Alive.

Getting shanked by Scout,
Flashing the great Kaffe Fasset,
They're nuts, but GREAT fun!

When I first started downloading the Lime & Violet podcast, I wasn't too sure I'd stick with it. Granted, these two women have awesome taste in fiber and color and know more about what to do with each than I probably ever will. But they're... well... nuts. Some of their antics border on the insane or the illegal. And brother, can they ever talk. But after 2 or 3 listens, I can't help but look forward to giggling quietly (quietly, because I always listen to my knitting podcasts at work and if I laugh out loud too much people will think that I'm having a great time developing really complicated Java applications and we wouldn't want them thinking that, now would we?) at their stories, feeling as if I'm in on the joke and not stuck on the outskirts somewhere. Someday, when I'm a famous knitting blogger and I've got a hit count that rivals this one, I want to be interviewed by Lime & Violet. Give them a listen.

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Lanza said...

Thanks for writing this.

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