Quick Status Update.

Ooooooohhhh. I've got a screaming headache that just won't go away. I should be used to these, since I get them at least once a month and they last from 3 - 5 days, but man, they really get in the way of my knitting. And my reading. And my blogging. And my life in general.

(No, prescription meds haven't worked. Yes, they're hormonal, although I'm not convinced that they're migraines. They're more like sinus headaches. Yes, I've tried loading up on caffeine/chocolate, but to no avail.)

My mom's sock is slowly getting there. As I've whined before, the K2P2 rib part takes so friggin' long, but once that's done, it'll go much faster. Good thing, too, because if I don't get going on at least one of my stash projects soon, it'll go by the wayside as a certain Cabled Tunic takes over my life. And to make matters worse, I got my copy of Vogue Knitting Winter 2007/08 in the mail today, and oh... my... gawd. The shawls. The cabled sweaters. The tweeds. So beautiful. So impossible to choose just one.

OK, gonna go rest my head a little before Baby A.K. escapes from her room and demands attention... doh! Too late! She's calling me from the stairs... !

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beadntat said...

you know those hormonal screaming headaches you have? Yup, I have them too...and yes, they are migraines. sometimes aka "menstrual migraines" Some folks have success controlling the headaches by controlling the hormones--namely taking birth control pills. I did that for awhile in addition to taking migraine meds. there are lots of different ones and it takes time (and money or insurance, cuz they're pricey little devils) to figure which one works best for you. I did well with Zomig. It might be worth a try since very few mommies with toddlers I know have the luxury of spending 1-5 days in a dark room with no noise and sleeping. And none of us want to give up knitting for even a day!

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