Merry Christmas, Everyone.

The Dora Blanket is finished. Actually, I finished it two days ago.

I was elated when Baby A.K. unwrapped it and exclaimed, "Oh Mommy, my new blankie! Thank you! Thank you!"

I'm working diligently on Mom's second sock. Luckily, she loves the first one - tried it on and everything. But I'm happy to say that now that the bulk of the holiday knitting is done, I can finally go back to knitting for #1 for awhile. I've got only two projects in the queue, but there's a good chance that at least one of them will take a back seat to... a certain cabled tunic of my acquaintance. More on that later. Now I'm going to kick back and look through one of my Christmas gifts, from the wonderful Husband of A.K.

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