One Down, Too Many To Go.

Baby blanket for daycare teacher is finished.

And let us all say, AMEN.

It slowly dawned on me while I was finishing this thing up (and, by the way, I had plenty of yarn to get the job done. Whew.) that it's December, and I've got to get busy on my gift knitting. I've got those Koigu socks for my mom (which may not actually count as a gift, since she paid for the yarn. What am I saying... ? Of course it's a gift.), 2 Mobius scarves, and another blanket like the one above for Baby A.K. This should be do-able, even with all sorts of craziness in my schedule this month, but you know how it is. Something always goes awry. Here's hoping that all our holiday knitting gets done, with our sanity intact and our wrists free of carpal tunnel syndrome.

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