Why Does This ALWAYS Happen To Me?

In the past couple of days, I've made excellent progress on the baby blanket for Baby A.K.'s pregnant daycare teacher. I now only have one more Super Ball of yarn to get through, and it's finished (a Super Ball is what I get when I roll up 2 or more yarns together to create one large ball to knit from). But as usual, I'm getting scared that I'll run out of yarn before getting the length I want out of this project. You see, the blanket is made up of large rows of alternating squares of Stockinette and garter
stitches. Right now, I've got 2 more rows to go to complete a single large row of squares. I've measured and re-measured how many inches I get with one Super Ball, and I've concluded that I should have enough yarn for those last 2 rows, then one more large row of squares, then 10 rows of garter stitch border. Perfect.

But this scenario isn't new to me, and it's likely that one of two things will occur. Either a) I'll worry the entire time I finish up the blanket, bind off, and sigh with relief when I see that all that's left is an arm's length of yarn; or b) I'll worry the entire time I finish up the blanket, bind off, and cry with despair when I realize that all I need to finish is an arm's length of yarn. Experience tells me that this'll end on a high note, but no matter what, I have to worry through that last Super Ball.

On a positive note, congrats to New Sock Knitter (remember her? Go back a couple of posts.), who has successfully completed her first sock and is off and knitting on the second. The first one came out great - the only things she needed to learn how to do was PU&K, and the SSK decrease. Everything else she either knew off the bat, or she knew but didn't trust the pattern (short-row shaping, anybody? Definitely sounds weird to the uninitiated.). But lo and behold, a new sock is born. Yay!

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Cris said...

This is the reason I usually way overbuy yarn for projects, especially big projects; I worry about running out of yarn from the very beginning, so I just try to fend it off by having plenty of extra yarn. This is the primary reason I have stash yarn -- it's all leftovers from past projects. (Great for making up the occasional scrap blanket; there's a log-cabin throw somewhere in my future.)

Congrats to Sock Knitter! In the last few days, I've turned the heel on my first top-down sock (I've done a few pairs of toe-up socks with short-row heels and toes, which are very different.) The short-row part at the heel is a bit surreal, but once I got through the heel and into the gusset decreases, the logic of the whole thing became pretty clear. Yay for socks!

p.s. Any news about the Farm Show yet?

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