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Before I begin, congratulations to Lori Lynn, who correctly guessed the theme to Baby A.K.'s soon-to-be blankie: Dora The Explorer. Dora continues to be a household favorite here, and anyone who's seen the show even once will recognize the familiar hot pink, bright orange, and electric purple that are Dora's signature colors. Somehow they're fitting for my rambunctious, bubbly, silly baby, too.

Last week, Knitting Daily had an interesting post about process knitting versus end-product knitting. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about: enjoying the entire creation process, from choosing pattern and yarn, swatching, knitting, finishing, and wearing/giving away/whatever, or just doing what you gotta do to get the project done and over with. I'm a total process knitter - I love the whole experience. Even swatching. Even finishing, which is truly my least favorite part, but still lends itself to the whole experience, and to my knowledge base. My mother, on the other hand (and in my opinion), is a product knitter. She enjoys knitting, but really does it only to get to the part where people exclaim, "Oh, that's BEAUTIFUL!" as she, or, in most cases these days, Baby A.K., struts around in the FO. I think whether you're one or the other is a personal choice - there's no right-or-wrong here, really. But there just seems to be something very robotic about being a product knitter. I can't help but think that you're missing out on a great deal if you can only see the finish line.

What do you think? Are you a process or product knitter? Is one better than the other?

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Deb S. said...

I'm a process quilter. While there are parts I don't enjoy quite as much as others, I relish in all aspects of the process. I love picking the fabrics and finding that "just so right" pattern to go with the fabrics. Cutting isn't my favorite but is a "must do" in order to start sewing. I love when I start putting the blocks together because it is fun to see the shapes, shadows, and movement start to form by the colors that I picked. And of course doing the binding is wonderful because it means I'm almost done and ready to move onto the next project.

Hhhmm, is one better then the other? I don't think either is better. What matters is what works for you. Own it baby!

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