I'm Back...

...from a long weekend in NJ. I successfully scored a ton of Zara for a baby blanket project, but even better: I bought a blocking board. It's so big and clean and... big - I actually can't wait to finish something just so I can use it.

Baby A.K. pulled her first guilt trip on me. The Zara baby blanket is for one of her daycare teachers, who is expecting her first child in a couple of months. And Baby A.K. knew this - she kept saying "Yarn for Miss Miranda!" when I bought it, when I re-rolled it into balls of 3-colored strands, and when I was about to start knitting it up. Baby A.K. asked me to play with her, though, so I set the huge ball aside. Ten minutes later, Baby A.K. toddles over to the yarn and says,

"Oh, pretty yarn! Thank you, Mommy, thank you!"
"But honey," I said, "That yarn isn't for you... "
"IT'S FOR MISS MIRANDA!" she wailed as she threw herself onto the floor and bawled.

Ohhhhhhh, man. This is a new behavior. Was I supposed to read into this 2-year old brain and know that she wanted a blanket, too (BTW, she already has 3 knitted blankets, one made by me. But it's so scary that I won't show it in public. But I'll blog about it someday.)? Should I have anticipated this and bought a truckload of Zara so I could've avoided this sad display? I laid on the floor with Baby A.K. and asked, "Do you want this blanket, honey?", to which she replied a definitive "YES!" So I've got 2 baby blankets to knit up in my immediate future. But I won't be back to NJ until next week for Thanksgiving, so I've cleverly hid Miss Miranda's blanket in my office desk for the time being. It won't make another appearance at Casa d'A.K. until Baby A.K.'s blanket is done. How do I allow these things to happen?

BUT... proving that the universe strives for balance, Husband of A.K. completely knocked me for a loop when he uttered these words:

"So I was thinking, I kind of need a scarf to go with my one of my coats. And I thought to myself, 'When I'm hungry, I cook for myself. If I need a scarf, why don't I knit one for myself?'"

He's upstairs now putting Baby A.K. down to bed. When he's done, I'll be teaching him how to cast on and knit his own scarf using a skein of yarn from my stash that I'd never use for myself - 4 oz. of Christopher Sheep Farm's 100% pure virgin wool in Terra Cotta (orange. I look terrible in orange. But Husband looks great in it.).

I've said it before, and it's still true. I'm the luckiest woman in the world.

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Cris said...

Yahoo for Mr. AK and the yarn! So how is it going?

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