"It's So Crazy, It Just Might Work."

It's tough having a a toddler, for all the usual reasons, plus you get their illnesses. A lot. I'm still mildly under the weather, this time with a hacking cough, scratchy throat, and general tiredness. But it might be that I'm tired because I was up unusually late last night.

Was I the only one interested in the election returns? Being married to a political journalist kind of makes you a political junkie by default. I wasn't actually watching the election on TV, though - I was getting a play-by-play from this very insightful, intelligent, and devastatingly witty blog. This particular one does "live-blogging" better than anyone in the state... even on an off-year election.

It got me thinking... why can't I, the Accidental Knitter, live-blog something? I tried in NJ a few weeks ago, but alas, no wireless Internet connection existed at my destination. What else could I do? I could live-blog our monthly S&B. That could be really funny, knowing our group of intrepid yarn mavens. But I'd get no knitting or spinning done - I'd be on the computer the whole time, or taking pictures. Not exactly the way I'd want to spend the evening, since it's become the one night a month that I can get the most knitting accomplished in one sitting.

Then it hit me. A live-blogging idea that's so unique, so bizarre, and so downright crazy, that it just... might... work.

Pretending for a moment that the right conditions exist (wireless Internet available, the right contacts secured, the right permissions secured, the right security secured), what if I, The Accidental Knitter, live-blogged the Sheep-To-Shawl contest during the 2008 PA Farm Show? I know, it's kinda nutty, but think about it: if I were allowed access to the floor and a small table off to the side where my laptop was set up, I could talk to the contestants as they card, spin, and weave their hearts out (not while they're shearing, though. That'd be scary.) and post it immediately. I could take pictures and post those immediately, too. I could talk to bystanders and get their take on the event. I could talk to event coordinators and transcribe the history of the contest in PA and other such historical anecdotes. The whole thing could be captured for the world to read and enjoy just as much as those of us who are actually sitting there watching it happen. HOW COOL WOULD THAT BE?????

Or am I just a complete weirdo?

Weigh in, but be kind. Remember, I'm unwell.


Cris said...

Dunno, Marni ... if they let you do it, I think it could be the right kind of crazy! (Speaks the one who has neither a blog, NOR has attended Sheep to Shawl in past years -- so much for my expertise) If there's space, if the contestants would be willing to chat amidst their work, if the Farm Show organizing-type people don't have a fit ... interesting idea regardless.

Still under the weather, huh? Hope it moves off really soon!

Kathleen Taylor said...

I would love to watch a sheep to shawl competion live. I think it's a great idea!

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