Anything New?

Sadly, no, there's really nothing new. More like an "Everything old is new again" kind of weekend.

I started working on a second pair of Cascade Fixation socks for Baby A.K. I'm still feeling guilty about the baby blanket fiasco (see update, below), so maybe I can placate her with some more socks. They're just like these:
... but in orange. Orange is pretty much my least favorite color since it looks so bad on me, but I wouldn't condemn Baby A.K. to an orange-less life unless/until she deems it so. And I kind of like this variegated orange yarn - reminds me of an Orange Julius.

Update on my attempt at live-blogging the Sheep-To-Shawl contest at the PA Farm Show: made a few phone calls, spoke to some press secretaries. Approval pending. I'll be calling them again next week.

The baby blanket for Baby A.K's teacher is coming along nicely. It knits up pretty fast, what with my using size 17 needles for it and all. I think it'll be done in another couple of weeks, at which point I'll proudly post a picture of it.

La Famiglia A.K. will be back in NJ for Thanksgiving next week, and I'm sure my willpower will be such that a purchase from my LYS will be inevitable. I have no idea what I'll get - maybe some yarn for Christmas gift knitting. Good thing payday falls on Black Friday.

Time to get on with my Saturday night. But what I wouldn't give for an Orange Julius right now...

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