Another Convert Joins The Ranks.

A while ago I wrote about a friend of mine who thought that sock knitting was too hard for her ("I could never do that," I believe she said). Knowing that this was complete bollocks, I suggested that if she wanted to try, she should start with kid-sized socks, and once she got the hang of them, she could move on to adult socks. I gave her a shopping list of things she'd need to get started, and I'm happy to say that today, she became a sock knitter.

I spent a very agreeable lunch hour with New Sock Knitter, where I helped get her started on the road to hand-knit cozy goodness. There was really very little I had to demonstrate - heck, she had to show me how to do the cable cast-on. The hardest part was, of course, joining the round, but once that was done, she was off to the races. I think she'll be ready to start the heel flap by Friday, but the question is, will she be brave and give it a try without a mentor, or will she wait until we see/talk to each other next week? She has the knowledge to take the plunge on her own - I just don't think she realizes it yet.

I'll probably be off-line the rest of the week. Tomorrow night is the monthly Central PA S&B at Borders on Jonestown Rd. in Harrisburg - come join us if you're in the area. Obviously, the rest of the week is dedicated to the insanity that is Thanksgiving with La Famiglia A.K. If I have any strength left in me, I'll blog all about my adventures in NJ on Saturday. By then I should have acquired more yarn for my stash to blather on about.

'Til then, have a happy and safe Thanksgiving, everyone.

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