Finishing The Hat.

So next weekend is Knitter's Day Out here in Central PA. I learned about it at my knitting Meetup, and I'm sorry I didn't know about this sooner. It's like a 2-day YA meeting (Yarnaholics Anonymous, natch). They're holding classes on tons of great knitting subjects, and they're setting up a Market for those of us who are easily separated from their hard-earned wages. I'm meeting some of my knitting pals for breakfast on the Saturday, then, since none of us registered for classes before the deadline, we're going to shop the Market and I CAN'T WAIT.

The KDO website mentions that they're accepting contributions for Caps For Kids with the admission fee (I'm pretty sure this is the right website. I Googled a few different Caps For Kids organizations, and the KDO website isn't specific and doesn't give a link (trying hard here not to be nit-picky, but c'mon, I'm a Web developer, I notice these things. Should really have a link.), so this is my best guess.). Having quite a lot of yarn in my yarn stash, and awaiting the arrival of another skein of yarn to finish my husband's long-awaited socks, I figured, how hard can this be? I'll knit a hat for a child who really needs it.

Which yarn to use? I had some leftover Zara from a baseball cardigan I made for my friend's son, but I'm not convinced I have enough. I had a lot of crazy odds and ends, but nothing really stood up and screamed "ME! ME! ME! USE MEEEEEE!!!". Then I found it - I have so much yarn left over from the Disastrous Baby Blanket (again, I'll blog about this another day. Oh, the shame...), the only way I can make amends with myself is to use this leftover yarn for a needy child. It's quite nice, too - lavender, super-soft acrylic... perfect.

What pattern to use? I need this to go quickly, so lucky for me, Caps For Kids had their own patterns for both knitted and crocheted hats. So I casted on, joined my stitches in the round, and I'm off and running. Interestingly, the pattern doesn't mention knitting this hat circularly. And uses the word "row", not "round". Please, please, PLEASE let these strange oversights be the fault of some overworked proofreader and not my inability to read a pattern... please!

What do you think? Looks good so far on Baby A.K., so how wrong can I be?

Bonus points to anyone who knows where the title of this post came from.

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