Craftsters Of A Not-So-Different Stripe.

Happy Labor Day weekend, everyone. My husband, Baby A.K. and I spent an agreeable afternoon at the home of our good friends Erich and Deb, who supplied us with BBQ and a final dip in their pool before closing it up for the season. Whenever we're at their house, I try to take a few minutes to walk around and admire Deb's beautiful quilts - all handmade, the majority by her. Sadly, my camera phone doesn't do these justice, but here's a few examples:

This one is called Diamond Shimmer.

And this one is called The Block Less Travelled.

This is a work in progress - the blues and greens are incredibly striking in person. I really need to get a good digital camera.

Before Baby A.K. became too restless, Deb told me how a few of the women in her guild offered to teach her how to crochet and/or knit, to give her something to do while she waits for her son to finish his various extracurricular activities. It kind of got me thinking about how creative types have a natural affinity towards different crafty endeavors, like these quilter-knitters in Deb's guild. Quilters have amazing sewing skills and an eye for color - I wonder how many are also painters, or sew together their own wardrobes? Or maybe some other wonderful and completely different hobby. And how many knitters have other crafty habits? Well, that's easy: a lot. Crochet, anyone (gasp!)? Or felting? Or how about scrapbooking? There's thousands more, of course, and anything we do or see or experience can only make us better artisans. But even if you have only one crafty skill, it's pretty much impossible to not at least have an appreciation for other people's artistic ventures. I see other people's creations and can't help but draw parallels to my knitting; seeing Deb's pieces expands my horizons artistically and inspires me. How can it not be the same for all of us?

So... Craftsters, Unite! We're not so different, after all.


Deb S. said...

Thanks for your kind words about my quilts. You are right. As crafters (be it quilting, knitting, scrapbooking, etc.), we are not that different from each other.

You mentioned that getting together with other knitters was inspirational and a great way to learn new techniques, get things done, or plain just have fun. Same way with quilters. And food! Don't forget the food since that is a BIG part of our get togethers.

And I guess you could call me the accidental quilter as I fell to its siren song a few years ago quite out the blue. Have no idea why I heard it but can't say that I've minded since it help unleash a creatvie side of myself that I never knew existed. Another added bonus: wonderful friends that I've made through classes and my quild.

If you'd like to see more of my work, feel free to check out my webshots page: http://community.webshots.com/user/bearunner

Have a great Labor Day Holiday!!

Cris said...

Those quilts are all gorgeous, compliments to Deb. I have always loved the look of quilts, but am not convinced I have the patience to work them myself -- so I will admire from afar! Plus I have too many knitting patterns lined up to add a whole new craft to my repertoire at the moment...

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