Sock Status.

Still working on the hat for Caps For Kids, but hooray! Got word from my LYS that a nice new skein of Austermann Step sock yarn is on its way to my eager little hands. As you'll remember, this is the extra yarn I need to finish the Promised Socks for my husband, who's been patiently waiting for them for... many months. I don't remember how many exactly. And neither does he. Which means these are overdue. But c'mon... who wears wool socks in the summer (A.K fans in Iceland, Siberia, and the Arctic Circle excluded)?

Here's the answer to the question I posed on the last post. My absolute favorite musical ever.

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Lori Lynn said...


Love the blog. Been reading it faithfully. I just read about your favorite musical...EVER. And did you see that they are planning a 2008 revival? West End Theatre! You'll have to plan a trip.

Lori Lynn, from knitting group

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