Sundays Are For Laundry.

If it's Sunday, it must be Laundry Day. I don't know why I wait to do all of our laundry on just one day, or why I chose that day to be during the weekend, but there it is.

There was more today than usual - the regular amount that accumulates during a normal week, then some leftovers from our Florida vacation. Type A personality that I am, I meticulously went through every article of clothing, separating each into its proper pile according to color and water temperature. There was one pile, however, that's been staring me down for... yikes, about a month. The handknits. They needed their infusion of water and Eucalan, and needed them now.

As I type this, everything is clean and fresh-smelling and laying all over the house drying. Among the lucky items that are ready to be dirtied up again:

- A crocheted baby afghan from a college friend of my husband's. Fluffy, white, and luxurious.

- A knitted disaster of a baby blanket I made while pregnant with Baby A.K. This thing is worthy of its own post, and will get it soon. Stay tuned.

- A beautiful knitted sweater and hat set made by my mom for... who else? Baby A.K. They're too heavy for her to wear now, but they're ready to go as soon as the weather gets cool and autumn-y.

- A sweater I made for myself at the beginning of the summer. Straight out of Filatura di Crosa's Spring/Summer '07 collection, it's the Drop Stitch Pullover featured on the cover. I even used the same color yarn (Venezia, in purple). What can I say... it looked good on my LYS's mannequin. And it looks pretty good on me.

So, now that the laundry's done, Baby A.K. sleeps peacefully, and I've had too many of my husband's awesome homemade brownies, it's time for Entourage. And a pleasant night was had by all.

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