Knitters Sometimes Run In Packs.

In which case, if you happen to be at, say, your local Borders and you think you're going to kick back in the cafe for some quiet time, think again. When knitters meet, they laugh a lot. A LOT.

Today was the monthly get-together of the Central PA Knitters, and, like last month, it was a blast. Knitting can easily be a very solitary obsession hobby, but when you get a bunch of us together, you get more out of the experience. It's not just that you can learn a lot from other yarnaholics, but the craft itself becomes multifaceted (as if it weren't already): you pick up a new technique here, a cool pattern idea there, tips on new yarns to try or what the TSA will allow on planes these days.

Jen was making a dishcloth, but it turned into a heart. Or a dreidel. Or a heart-shaped dreidel. Whatever it is or may become, I really like it.

And Michelle is working on mittens. After just one lesson, too. And in August!

And I'm working on a boa-style scarf for my stepmom. She lives in Florida. Scarf. Florida. Well, even Floridians get chilly in the winter... I think. Picture to come.

Gotta run... Baby A.K. has a fever, and has planned to keep me running to her bedside all night. If only I could knit in the dark.

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Cris said...

Ah, the heart-shaped dreidel. Who knew Cupid was Jewish? :) I liked it too.

The pile of purple yarn has been tossed on a chair and ignored in favor of the yarn order I just got in the mail ... including a ball of alpaca/cashmere that's so soft, it ought to purr when it's petted. Sweater? What sweater? Vive le difference!

I hope A.K. is feeling better!

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