Why I Love Vogue Knitting.

Oh Vogue Knitting, how I love thee. Let me count the top 5 ways...

  1. VK never fails to inspire me beyond my current knitting capabilities. And that's a good thing. Otherwise, I'd still be knitting scarves. Or not knitting at all, due to boredom from making too many scarves. Not that scarves are a bad thing - I'd just get bored making the same thing over and over again.

  2. Fantastic articles. In this most recent issue, I particularly liked "Fits That Flatter" - very helpful.

  3. Focus on the LYS. I love the articles on different shops, what they stock, what makes them different from other shops, etc.

  4. The patterns, of course. Knitter or no, I dare anyone to look through VK and not find something they'd love to wear. Too many gorgeous patterns to name from the current issue, but two that I'd love to attempt are #s 26 and 31.

  5. The advertisements. Seriously. Again, a great source of inspiration. These companies are doing some amazing things, and when I'm not bogged down with work, cleaning house, errands, husband, Baby A.K, etc., I like looking at these companies' websites. Stop laughing.

Time to check on Baby A.K. - daddy's putting her down to bed tonight. In case you're curious, she really liked pattern #30.

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Cris said...

You know, I haven't really looked at Vogue Knitting yet; I will have to check it out. Not that I really need more patterns lying around, begging to be made and distracting me from the things I SHOULD BE working on now. So many great ideas, so ... little ... time!

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