Wow. That's all I've been saying all day: Wow. I'm completely amazed at the response I've gotten (and am still getting) from my live-blogging stint yesterday. I'm thrilled that so many people appreciated the coverage - even in the thick of it, I wished I could update even faster. Next year (oh yes, I'll be back next year!), I'll be making some adjustments so things will go smoother and faster, so I can bring more information and spend less time uploading pictures.

And now, here are some afterthoughts, explanations, and more pictures:

  • The Lamb And Wool Queen, pictured below, is modeling the shawl made by the kids who competed in the 1st Fleece To Wool contest, which took place before the Sheep To Shawl event. I'm not sure how much of a "competition" it was since they were the only team, but I truly hope that next year, there'll be a few teams competing. And yes, I'll be covering that event live as well.

  • The picture of Butler County Peddlers' shawl display doesn't even come close to showing how amazing it was. They had a lot of information packed into a small space, and I really really wish I could've captured it better. Note to self: buy better camera. NOW.

  • Turns out that PCN was streaming their coverage of the contest to the Internet, so for those who lost their feed on TV, apparently you were supposed to just "know" to turn on your computers. Also, check PCN's website to see if they're selling DVDs of the competition.

  • If you were there with me yesterday, you probably received a program that had all sorts of great information about the contest, the teams, the judges, etc. Since I had no time to transcribe the program in its entirety to the blog, I thought I'd include little bits of information/fun facts about the teams as I went. But I ran out of time. So, my apologies to the teams that didn't get a shout-out - I'll do better next year. Note to self: try to score program a few days before contest.

  • Know why my butt was freezing? I was sitting on a metal chair while I blogged, in front of an open garage door, where a cold breeze was constantly blowing.

  • I tried to get good pictures of the finished shawls as they were being modeled during the auction, but sadly, I only got a few that are worth posting. Carl and The Not so Lazy Kates:
    The Lovely Lambs and Ornery Rams of Lebanon:
    Yorktowne Spinners:
    Red Rose Treadling Toes:

OK, that's all I've got. Only a matter of minutes until Baby A.K. tries to escape from her room... just a typical bedtime routine (BTW, thanks to everyone for the well-wishes. She's feeling much better, and went back to daycare today.).


cyndy said...

Thanks again for all of your hard work and efforts to bring information about the contest to the blogosphere!

Did you happen to get any information on the ages and location of youngsters who entered the Fleece to Shawl event? And how many of them participated....

thanks again...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for taking the time to put all of this out there. As a participant it was nice to see what we missed. Gandolf the sheep also wishes to thank you for all of the free publicity.

Knitting Kris said...

Wow! I misssed the contest (working), but I loved reading your blog! YEAH for Carl and the Kates shawl - amazing! Thanks for all of your hard work. Note to self - take day off work for this competition next year (bring knitting). :) Thanks again! Loved your commentary and photos.

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