Back To Normal... Whatever That Means.

It took a few days, but now that my strength and endurance has returned (I won't go into the running around I did on Wednesday again, but I might add that I didn't have anyone to bring me milkshakes and fried veggies, so no wonder my energy was lagging.), things have gone back to normal here at Casa A.K. What's normal, you might ask? Well,

I finished Mom's socks. Here's what one of 'em looks like.They'll be in the mail to her tomorrow. And let us all say, Amen.

I'm this close to starting my next project - an awesome, artsy little cardigan called Wrapper's Delight (those of you of a certain generation will smile at that title). Way back on Sept. 15th - yes, I had to look up the date - some of my S&B friends went to Knitter's Day Out, a knitting convention right here in Harrisburg. I bought the yarn and the pattern for this project there, from the lovely and helpful women of Uncommon Threads. Actually, I'm using a different yarn than the one called for in the pattern - I'm using this Claudia Hand Painted boucle (forgive the blurriness, but the color's pretty close). It should be started in time for our monthly S&B get-together (this Tuesday).

Besides the awesome gift Husband of A.K. got for me as one of my holiday presents, I spent part of an Amazon gift certificate on another amazing book: The Knitter's Book of Yarn, by Clara Parkes. This is a great book - one of those perfect reference books that should be on every knitter's bookshelf. Oh, the patterns are pretty amazing, too. Just buy it.

As usual, Baby A.K. is escaping from her room. It's not bedtime unless I put her down at least 2 times. Sigh.

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Cris said...

And in the fullness of time the socks were finished; lo, left and right created she them. And she saw that it was good.

Congrats on finishing, the sock looks good (they looked good in person half-done, even better fully finished!) In other news, I discovered tonight I have to frog my current 2/3 finished sock because it's too small. Sigh.

I remember that boucle, and the wrap it's turning into; awesome that you finally get to start it!

I've been thinking about starting a sweater too, my FIRST REAL sweater ... considering patterns for the moment. Right now the "Placed cable aran" from Interweave Knits fall 2007 is a strong contender. I want something that I really like the look of, but which doesn't seem too scary for a first attempt.

Looking forward to seeing how the cardigan develops! Have a good week!

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