Mark Your Calendars.

What a gorgeous day we had here in Central PA today. Sunny, about 65 degrees... and a Saturday. La Famiglia A.K. spent the better part of the day outdoors - first at our local playground, then at the Fall Harvest Festival at Ashcombe. What a great place - a nursery, a market, a pumpkin patch, a corn maze, hayrides... Baby A.K. particularly liked sliding into bales of hay...

... and I particularly liked talking to the nice folks at Big Rock Alpaca Farm. They had a small stand set up, with two beautiful alpacas and a bunch of alpaca products on display. I could have stood there all day, but Baby A.K. wasn't about to let that happen. But, good news - they're having an open house the first two weekends in November. Can't make it? Give them a call and schedule a private viewing of the alpacas and the store. I think I'll be looking at any alpaca roving they have, because...

I'm going to learn to spin!!!

My friend Cris and I have a lesson with Lydia at Gurdy Run Woolen Mill to begin our spinning odyssey. As if I wasn't obsessed with yarn enough, I'm about to start making my own. And yes, Husband of A.K. is on board with all this.

I'm the luckiest woman in the world.


Cris said...

Alpaca farm? ooOOooooo. Road trip?? ;)

allen said...

We hope to see you at Ashcombe's again this year! Be sure to introduce yourself to us as the Accidental Knitter.

Allen Stoner
Big Rock Alpaca Farm

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