"I Want To Thank The Academy... ".

The... Mystery... Sweater... is... FINISHED.

(Actually, it's 99.8% finished.)

I want to thank Husband of A.K. for the opportunity to work on The Mystery Sweater in a giant, 4-hour, baby-free block of time. Taking Baby A.K. out on errands with you for the afternoon gave me the peace and quiet I needed to concentrate on my finishing. I wouldn't be where I am right now without that.

I also want to thank bradamant, a fellow ravel-er who, through the genius of that site, was able to help me with the turtleneck. Why her? Because the databases there flagged her as someone who had a project in common with me, and it happened to be Magnolia. Hers came out beautiful, so I sent her a message with all my finishing questions. She very kindly responded, and really cleared up my confusion. I am very grateful for her insight, and I now have another reason to dig ravelry.

Finally, I want to thank those of you who left comments or sent me email with your suggestions on how to get past my finishing lethargy. It's nice to be reminded that a lot of people have the same issues about finishing as I do, and that we all seem to conquer it the same way: a positive attitude, focusing on the "thrill of victory"...
and beer. All three worked for me.

The Mystery Sweater is being blocked now, and I have to find some nice buttons to adorn the turtleneck. Once these couple of things are done, I'll post pictures.

Gonna finish my beer and go to bed, with the immortal words of Baby A.K. in my head:

Yayyyyyyyyy! All right!!!! I Did It!!!!

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