No Live Blogging...

... but still a successful LYS excursion. Especially if you consider spending only $37 successful!

Saturday was Yom Kippur, and although I didn't spend the day in synogogue, I did spend a great deal of time reflecting on the year past. I was able to focus more than usual; Baby A.K. let me... heck, she wanted me to concentrate, and played with Grandma a good part of the day. And why was I afforded this meditative luxury?

Because I was knitting Baby A.K. some socks.

Every time she came over to crawl around on me, I showed her the progress I had made on her sock. She'd get so excited about having her own pair that she'd run back to Grandma and exclaim, "Mommy make sock!" And so I was able to finish the first one real quick. The Mystery Sweater has to wait.

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