Live From N.J.

It's been one of those weeks... meetings, dinners, kickoff session at The Caring Place... but fear not, my loyal readers, I'm still with you. I'm heading East later today to end the High Holy Days with my family, and, if the Internet server gods are with me, I'll be blogging to you live from my favorite LYS. Sadly, due to the extravagance I heaped upon myself at KDO, I won't be spending much money there, except on DPNs for more sock knitting.
OK, place your bets - how long will I last before whipping out that credit card?

See you in New Jersey.

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Deb S. said...

I think you'll last about 20 minutes before whipping out the charge card. Of course, I am only going by how long it takes my credit card to leap out of my purse when I am at my LQS (local quilt shop). You know, I always go in with good intentions of just picking up that one thing I need. Somehow, some additional items find their way into the shopping bag.

If I ever figure out a way to stop that from happening, I'll let you know.

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