Need... Project! Need... PROJECT!!!

I haven't been myself these past couple days. Jittery, unsettled, can't concentrate, bored... it must be YARN WITHDRAWAL. I haven't knit a thing this week. The hat's done, I'm still waiting for my yarn to finish Husband of A.K.'s socks (BTW, this is what he does all day), I have a sweater that's been waiting to be finished for 2 years but there's no sense in getting into that since the sock yarn will be here any day and anyway I promised H of A.K. that I wouldn't touch it until his socks were done and where the heck is that sock yarn anyway you'd think it was being shipped from Siberia or somewhere that doesn't have a post office could someone at the post office be holding my yarn hostage... ?

pant, pant, pant I'm OK... really. Just... catching... my... breath... pant, pant, pant

One good thing, though - I got a copy of Lion Brand Yarn's Fall/Winter catalog today. Lots of cute patterns in there - Baby A.K. will probably be sporting a pair of the nifty Wool-Ease socks sometime soon (after my 2-year-old sweater, of course), and the Cable Luxe Tunic is so me. You know, I used to shun Lion Brand, and for the dumbest reason: it wasn't carried in LYSs that I'd visited, so I figured it must not be very good quality yarn. It didn't take long for me to get over this yarn prejudice - since my LYS isn't so L, sometimes I just needed to get a fix when I was in-between projects. Or a friend's birthday would suddenly show up on my calendar a week away, and I needed a quick gift of knitted goodness to give. I can always find it at the nearby craft stores, the quality is very good, and... well, I just like it. And I'm not ashamed of that.

Hmmmm... I think I have an idea for a knitted something while I wait for my sock yarn... tune in next time to see what I've gotten myself into...

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Deb S. said...

I have felt your pain before. Once I was unable to get into my quilt studio for about 2 months. My creative monster was getting really ticked off. Finally I had a Saturday open. Told DH that he had till 10 AM to sleep in then I was going into my studio. He was up at 9:30 AM and boom, I was sewing like mad. Emerged at about 5:30 PM with the creative monster much happier and asked DH "Where are you taking me for dinner"?

Until that day, I never realized that my creative soul needed nurtured and fed on a regular basis. Let's put it this way: I have never gone more than a few days without doing some kind of creative activity.

Hopefully your yarn will show up soon so your monster can be fed!

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