Look, I Made A Hat... Where There Never Was A Hat.

Now to answer the burning question: what did I decide to knit while I waited for my sock yarn to arrive?

OK, it's not a big stretch. I had plenty of that wonderfully soft lavender yarn left over after the first hat, so... I call them Hat and Little Sister Of Hat. Made to fit a toddler and a preemie. When I started knitting the second one, I thought I'd just give the larger hat to Baby A.K., since she loves it so much. But something rather life-altering happened to me yesterday and I decided that both hats will go to charity. I hope they find a good home/s. And I'll talk about the life-altering thing another day.

Meanwhile, guess what arrived in the mail today? No hostage situation at the post office after all - my sock yarn is here!

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Cris said...

The wee hat is very cute, and yay for sock yarn arriving! I'm always antsy too when I know yarn is coming in the mail.

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