A Memorable Anniversary... ?

Yesterday was the 5-year wedding anniversary of yours truly and Husband. We had it all planned out: secured the babysitter 3 weeks in advance, chose the perfect restaurant (we have history here), and then... a stroll down Riverfront Park? Revisit the garden where we were married? Go to our favorite hangout to read and drink coffee? The possibilities seemed endless.

10:30 am, I get a call at work from the babysitter. She went home early from her day job with a massive migraine. She was sweet - very apologetic, and even called me later that day after she slept a little in the hopes that she'd be feeling better. But it was not to be. Anniversary cancelled?

Luckily, all is not lost. Husband and I will be running away together to our favorite B&B in a few weeks for some R&R and awesome leaf-peeping. So... anniversary postponed.

In the meantime... I am so rockin' the sock knitting!

Baby A.K.'s first knitted socks came out... a little small, actually, but very cute. And she loves them... I'm a happy mommy!

And yes, I swear, I'm going to finish up The Mystery Sweater very soon, like tonight. But I couldn't help myself...

I had to start some more socks.
These are for me. Not much to see yet, but the finished product should be really beautiful. You can't tell from the picture, but I'm using the coolest DPNs for this - Lantern Moon's Sox Stix are only 5" long and super smooth to hold and knit with. I LOVE THEM! Seeing as that I can't seem to stop kntting socks, I'll probably own these in every size soon.

Alright... gonna grab a quick nap (trying to get rid of my own migraine), then we're gonna go explorin'. I'll talk about that tomorrow...

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Lori Lynn said...

We have the same hangout for our date nights!!! That made me smile. We usually go out to a restaurant and then over for coffee and book browsing! And that's our date night! As a matter of fact, our 15th is in a couple weeks, so you know where you'll find us! Too fun...

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