Exploring Carlisle.

Besides being a famous journalist and blogger, my husband plays bass for local ska legends Fink's Constant. Last week, the band played a wonderful little outdoor concert on Pomfret St. in Carlisle, PA. After telling me about the local scene, we decided to pack up Baby A.K. and explore the city a bit.

Carlisle is quite a gem - a well-kept college town with quaint shops and a nice historic district made it easy to while away a gorgeous Fall afternoon. Naturally, there was a high point: The Yarn Garden, on 10 W. Pomfret St. A wonderful little shop that manages to carry everything you need to get your knit on. They carry a wide selection of yarn from different companies, but I was most intrigued by some of the handspun, hand-dyed items from local artisans. I saw they had a class list, but sadly I can't remember what they were offering (I'm sure they'd be happy to tell you if you're interested: (717) 249-YARN). And everyone who was in the store, whether working or shopping, was friendly and courteous and didn't mind when Baby A.K. knocked some sock yarn all over the floor. I will happily visit this store again... and again...

So what did I buy (oh come on. You know I wasn't going to leave empty-handed.)? I had to keep myself in check - I have plenty of projects in the queue already. But that sock yarn that Baby A.K. "found" was calling to me. So one ball of SWTC's TOFUtsies in #730 "Light Foot" for Baby A.K., and one ball of Austermann Step in, I think, #08 "brombeer", for Husband of A.K. So come what may, I'll always have socks to knit. But I'll finish my pair of Koigu KPPPM first.

Got back to work on The Mystery Sweater last night as promised, and happily, all that's left is sewing the thing together. This might prove more challenging than usual, though... more on that in the next post.


Deb S. said...

Sounds like a good time in Carlisle. Spent time there (but didn't actually walk the streets) last weekend for a guild retreat. I posted pictures on my webshots (Album titled 2007 - PieceMakers Sept. Retreat) of the projects that we did. Included is my block of the month class from last year. I am getting it quilted in November by someone with a long arm. It is queen sized so I'm not touching that puppy.

Just finished my strips & curves quilt today. Posted pictures of that also. Album is titled Stormy Seas. This is definitely a "thinking outside your box" type of technique. Would I do it again? You betcha' (once I find the time, LOL).

Deb. S


Cris said...

So you found the yarn shop in Carlisle! Sounds like a great place; I'll have to make time to get down there and check it out.

In other news, the purple sweater is finished!! I'm very pleased with the result, and will bring it along to knitting meetup later in the month :)

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