Few And Far Between.

OK, there's just no getting around it anymore. I just can't keep up the blog on an every-other-day schedule right now. Work has gotten very busy very quickly and it's getting in the way of my knitting and blogging in a bigger way than I thought it would. Plus, Husband of A.K. is also incredibly busy this month, pulling long hours at the office and will be on the road quite a bit for the next 5 weeks or so. Which leaves me tending to Baby A.K. a lot, which makes me even more tired than usual. So, bear with me for a bit while I try to juggle my life and somehow get some knitting done, which, although I'm still burned out with my current projects*, I miss terribly.

*(I am, however, making progress with Wrapper's Delight. Finished the body, moved onto the first sleeve, which is going quickly.)

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Capitol Ideas said...

Come back to us, AK. We miss you. :)

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