I'm Back.

Wow... sorry for the long break. I had a truly exhausting week since last Wednesday, which was complicated by a severe sinus infection and a staggering lack of sleep. I just got caught up with my email, and I'm also trying to clean my house a bit before tomorrow, when my good friends Joan and Doug come over for dinner.

So what's new with my knitting? Nothing. Still working on Wrapper's Delight, which I know will be great when it's finished, but, well... it's kinda boring. I highly recommend this pattern to any newbies who haven't gone beyond scarves or who have uttered, "I couldn't possibly make a sweater - it's too complicated" at some point (Cindy, I'm lookin' right at you!). But I guess I really need something more challenging. The socks I'm making for Husband of A.K.? Same problem. Socks rock, but again, not very challenging. I know what I need, too - the pattern for the lace shawl to use with my Filatura di Crosa Superior. Better call my LYS...

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Cris said...

Holy cow. With a week like that, you get a (post-dated) free pass from blogging! Glad to see you back on the air though, assuming that it means you've got some energy back and things are better.

I have been working on the Pinwheel Sweater (see Ravelry); intriguing shape, but a quite easy knit, which is fine with me right now. I'm guessing and hoping that the armholes are in the right place though, I have no good sense of it at all.

P.S. I was sorry to see your trip back home was because of a funeral, blessings and best wishes for your family.

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