Getting My Groove Back... Slowly.

Wow. I'm having an epic bout of winter blahs that has manifested itself as utter aversion towards knitting. Can you believe that? Except for the monthly Stitch 'N Bitch, I haven't picked up my knitting, and haven't missed it. This is getting serious. I need inspiration... and fast.

Ask and ye shall receive. Inspiration seems to be manifesting itself as little signs scattered hither and yon:

  • I knit a little bit on Husband of A.K.'s socks during lunch these past few days, and lo and behold, I'm almost done with the first one. It was one of those moments when you feel like you'll never finish something, then you look down and realize you're done. Whew.

  • Baby A.K. actually asked for a knitted item. Not socks, mind you... a dress. This is a project that's impossible to resist, knowing how friggin' adorable she'll look in a little summer handknit frock.

  • I got a really nice compliment from a fellow knitter on Ravelry about a past project - a fitted Spring/Summer pullover from Filatura di Crosa. After the couple of weeks I've had at work ("mind-numbing", "confidence-draining"), I can't tell you how happy I was to read this.

  • My cubicle neighbor has taken up crochet again after many years of leaving it by the wayside, maybe partly due to my enthusiasm about knitting. She recently went to a craft store and raided their Lion Brand section, buying enough yarn to make an afghan for one of her daughters. Now that she's fully under way with her project, she said to me today, "I'd rather be home crocheting. I wish I could get away with working on the afghan here, under my desk!" Truer words were never spoken... I wished at that moment that I was knitting under my desk, too.

  • Mother of A.K. complained yesterday of missing Baby A.K. very much. Not having heard that conversation herself, Baby A.K. complained this morning of missing Mother of A.K. (aka Gramma) very much. So... we're going to visit Mother of A.K. this weekend in NJ. You know what that means, don't you? A visit to my fave LYS, of course.

Let's see what this weekend brings.


Deb S. said...

The winter blahs must be catching as I've been feeling the same myself for the past two weeks.

Last Friday when they were calling for miserable weather, I played hooky from work. Spent the morning going through my fabric stash and sorted it by color.

I found a piece of fabric which is a sarong from Indoensia. Was inspired to do something with it and so I made it into a curtain for my sewing room. Now when the sun is shining in the morning, it casts a lovely golden glow in my upstairs hallway.

I thought my inspiration would continue on Saturday when I went to do some sewing. Unfortunately it was not too be as I quit after cutting my fabric wrong twice. Oh well, I think spring is on the way so maybe there is hope for me yet!

Cris said...

I hear you. I'm (finally!) almost finished with my tan/blue socks, and the next ball of yarn I picked out to start is bright blues and greens. Feeling in need of color and change! I've also pulled out my drop spindles again, after leaving them alone for a couple of months.

I hope you are having a great weekend with family, and yahoo for visiting the yarn shop! I just discovered in Ravelry a lead on a yarn/spinning shop in Lewisburg, about 45 minutes north of me ... hoping to find time to go check it out soon, stay tuned kids...

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