Looking For Inspiration.

Well, the title of this post says it all. I haven't blogged lately because I'm feeling kind of uninspired as far as knitting goes. Yes, I'm working diligently on Wrapper's Delight, and very soon I'll be starting another pair of socks, this time for the very wonderful and very patient Husband of A.K. Chalk it up to a very palpable need for a Yarn Crawl (Cris, I'm looking right at YOU!), the Winter Blahs, or PMS - I just can't seem to get my knit on.

I was hoping that a much-needed shopping spree would help jog my creativity a bit. Yesterday afternoon, I whiled away the hours (and my money) at the mall updating my wardrobe for Spring. Remember my New Year's resolutions? The one about treating myself to nice things (yarn excluded) once in a while? Well, check that one off the list. But as good a haul as I snagged for myself, nothing really screamed, "You need to knit something to go with me". Traipsing through the mall, I noticed many nice knitted scarves, but c'mon, I'm not gonna knit a scarf at this point - time to Think Spring. And I noticed many half-clothed, shivering pre-teens who clearly can't read a thermometer (or don't listen to the weather report, or don't care. What is it about kids who think it's a good idea to wear micro-minis and flip-flops in JANUARY? I'm sorry, but as a mom, I've got to be completely lame here and wonder, "How did those girls leave the house that way???") who I wanted to wrap in wool sweaters and spoon feed chicken soup. But nothing terribly inspirational.

Anyone else having a low point in their creativity during these long, dark winter days? Anyone know a good remedy?


Cris said...

I hear ya, sister. I spent a large portion of Saturday getting yarn for the sweater pattern I wanted to try ... and after finally picking out some yarn (really pretty yarn, too), I spent the rest of the weekend discovering it's completely unsuitable for this sweater. I can't get gauge, and if I did I'd be very unhappy with the fabric. I was looking for a fun, inspiring new thing to work on, and ended up with a pile of unhelpful yarn and a bigger pile of frustration.

I pitched the whole aggravating mess into my spare room where I can ignore it; I'm sure one day it will become something lovely, but right now it just needs to be out of sight.

Sigh. Well, I hope you are more pleased with the results of your shopping, and maybe some time will give you knitty-ideas about things to go with your new wardrobe. And today I'm reminding myself, winter can't last forever!

Judy said...

I am in the dulldroms too. I chalk it up to all the Christmas knitting. Right now I am just knitting a plain pi afghan just to have something in my hands. Boring! There are things I want to make but I just don't have the mental capacity to go to work on them just yet. Actually I should go spin till this phase passes. Good luck in your quest for inspiration!

Deb S. said...

As a quilter, I've experienced the "blahs" also. As a matter of fact, I'm going through that right now.

I think some times our creative beast has to be released before it goes nuts but then there are times it seems to want to hibernate. Sounds like yours may be in a resting phase (maybe it is out to lunch with the rest of us).

Have no fear, the creative beast always comes back, usually with a big ROAR.

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