I Need A Hat.

This happens every January: the entire Famiglia A.K. comes down with some horrendous strain of ick and ends up home together going stir crazy recovering. Now that I'm at the end of this thing, I can finally sit up and send out a call for help that's been on my mind since last Tuesday: I need a hat.

Obviously the first thing you're thinking is, "Just knit one, stupid." And yes, that's what I intend to do. But I don't want to knit just any hat. I want to knit a hat that actually looks great on me and that I'll wear happily all winter long. The thing is, I'm having a hard time finding a hat that looks great on me. I have a long face and pathetically fine hair, so most knitted hats make me look like... a boy. And they also make me look like I don't have any hair at all. And I really need a hat right now, because I went and cut all my hair off at the salon last week and my head's friggin' cold these days (ok, I'm being melodramatic. I didn't cut all my hair off. Just most of it.).

If anyone has any hat ideas for me to try out, please let me know. I'm cold just thinking about going outside tomorrow morning... or maybe I'm just still feverish...

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Cris said...

I'm afraid I'm no help here, cause I never wear hats! :( I always have a scarf in the winter, but never a hat. Hopefully someone more helpful will be along directly; or perhaps the ever-useful Ravelry can turn up some good ideas?

Sorry to hear your house-ful were all sick, I hope the current ICK is moving out smartly!

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