Crunch Time.

Very short post today, my friends. I'm very tired from what's been a long week at work (although last night's S&B was a very welcomed break from the madness), but I can't rest until I've done some gift knitting. The second fake Mobius scarf is blocking, my mom's sock is 98% finished (yes, you read correctly: sock. Singular. She'll get the other one after the holiday rush.), and Baby A.K.'s Dora The Explorer blanket is half done. Must... keep... knitting. Must... not... sleep... yet.

Hope everyone else is done with their knitted gifts. Next year, I'm giving out gift cards.

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Deb S. said...

The past few years I made quilts as Christmas gifts. I took this year off so I could work on stuff for ... me. Well, for myself and making blocks for two quilts that I'll be making with my cousin Susan. Every two years we have a family reunion. For the last three, both of us have made quilts for our raffle. We decided to work together on a quilt. We exchanged patterns and of course, we each wanted to do the other one's pattern. So we compromised and we're going to do both. I have about 40 blocks to make. In the spring/early summer, I'll be trekking to Binghamton, NY to her house to lay out the quilts and to go to a local quilt shop for some shopping (of course).

Your idea of gift cards instead of knitted items is a great idea. Or start next year's gifts in January. LOL

Have a Happy Holiday & a great New Year!


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