Read Any Good Books Lately?

This week has kind of been a wash for me. I don't know what I've got, but the combination of a head cold, unexplained exhaustion (I slept a blissful 12 hours last night, and still took a little nap this afternoon. I know. I'm lame.), and a slight case of the blahs has put me in the mood to do... nothing. Some knitting on the Koigu socks was done during the week at lunchtime. A tiny bit of spinning was done in the evenings, mainly at the behest of Baby A.K., who just loves to watch, and try to help, me spin. But my head hasn't been in it. I think when I feel like this, I mostly enjoy...

Reading. So what's everyone reading these days (it doesn't have to be craft-related)? I've started reading that book I promised myself I'd order last week: Spinning in the Old Way, by Priscilla A. Gibson-Roberts. So far, I really really like it - it's well-written, has great illustrations, and best of all, concentrates on just spinning with a high-whorl spindle, and doesn't go off talking about wheels, making me feel like OH MY GOD I HAVE TO GET A WHEEL RIGHT NOW.

I think I'll go make myself and Husband a cuppa tea, and sit back with my book until either I fall asleep on the couch, or this headache I'm fighting forces my eyeballs to shut down for the evening...

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Deb S. said...

I am currently reading The Cold Moon by Jeffery Deaver. It is in his series with Lincoln Rhyme. Mystery genre.

I've been feeling kinda of "blah" myself but not because I'm fighting any illness unless you can count being totally swamped at work. I've been working late and weekends trying to keep my head above water so haven't done any quilting lately. Been feeling very stressed because 'ya know, you have to take of the home life too (cooking, cleaning, laundry). Ah well, I'm sure it will pass ... I just hope it is soon!!!

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