"Yarns??? YARNS?????"

Dear A.K. readers,
Second postcard always more interesting:

So today, Husband and I headed way up north to Williams College for a museum exhibit about the lives and times of Gerald and Sara Murphy. As we wended our way on Rt. 7 through the town of Great Barrington, we passed a store called Wonderful Things. In smaller type on their sign, it read "Yarns ... ... Crafts". Naturally I kept my head, and with great maturity I screamed out


Once I had finished stating the obvious to my incredibly patient (and now, quite deaf) husband, we were already 10 minutes up the road. So after taking in the exhibition and enjoying a hastily-prepared lunch al fresco, we stopped in to see what kinds of wonderful things Wonderful Things had.

Ohhhhhhhhh... they have very wonderful things. The shop is quite large, so they had plenty of room to stock acres of yarn, needles, books, patterns... you name it, they had it. As I wandered about, I couldn't help but notice their huge selection of buttons. The light bulb was a little slow coming on in my head, so it was Husband who helped out here:

"Don't you need buttons to finish The Mystery Sweater?"

I'll cut to the chase here to spare you from feeling embarassed for me. I ended up purchasing two buttons which I think will look beautiful on The Mystery Sweater, and also a ball of Cascade Fixation, in #9080 (orange), for a second pair of socks for Baby A.K., whom I miss.

Be home tomorrow night, when I'll finish, photograph, and update on ravelry, The Mystery Sweater. Then I'll wait for an actual autumn day to wear it and not melt away in.

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Cris said...

Awesome, sounds like a great addition to a great trip. Yay for finding good buttons for the sweater!

I made some additions to my sock yarn stash, after a cross-country trip to a shop closer to home ... first visit to The Mannings. Great place, highly recommended!

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