Starting To Finish.

I started putting The Mystery Sweater together last night. It began with me deciding that I was too tired to start putting The Mystery Sweater together last night. But my conscious started to peck away at the corners of my brain. So I thought, I'll just clean the dining room table off, but I'll start sewing tomorrow. Two minutes later, after the dining room table was empty... a blank canvas, so to speak... I thought, I'll just lay the pieces out, but I'll start sewing tomorrow. I took a look at the front and back of the sweater, which a day or two ago totally confounded me as to which side was which. I don't know what my hangup was then - front and back were as clear as... knit and purl (you thought I was going to say "night and day", didn't you?). So I thought, I'll just pin the shoulders together, but I'll start sewing tomorrow. One minute later, shoulders pinned, I thought, oh ALRIGHT already. I'll sew the friggin' shoulders together. And twenty minutes later...

I was well on my way to finishing the sweater.

In case you're wondering, it's knit with Rowan Kid Classic and Kid Silk Haze held together. Very soft, kind of floaty and airy. But also warm. I really hope I can figure out the turtleneck...

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Deb S. said...

Darn those little voices in our heads saying "oh, just start this" since it always turns into more. Of course, one lesson I learned is never cut fabric with a rotary cutter when you are tired. Don't worry, I didn't draw blood but I did manage to cut my two different fabrics into two different sizes when I meant them all to be the same size. But later when I was actually awake and alert, I added fabric (like a border) to each piece of fabric to make the blocks the same size. Having the centers different size helped the top have "movement" so actually it turned out to be a good thing (though I was not really amused in the beginning).

Sweater looks great, can't wait to see it all done. I'm sure you'll figure out the turtleneck!

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