Knitting Blogs Rocks!

Ring around the blogs.
So much to say and to knit.
Love my hit count now!

I'm sure you've all noticed the new little Knitting Blogs button on the right side of the page. Powered by RingSurf, Knitting Blogs is just one of a gazillion net rings they manage, and do so wonderfully. By all means, click on it and check out the other yarny blogs that are clogging the Internet - you'll be amazed at how many of us addicts there are in the world.

The other button is equally cool. Knitting Daily is just what it sounds like: a daily newsletter all about knitting. Written by the creative minds at Interweave Press, they'll send you the newsletter and a lot more... for free! So click on the button and sign up. I don't know how I went this long without knowing about it.

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Ilix said...

There are a few of us..... :)

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