It'll Be Just Like Starting Over

Alright, for real this time.

This is The Accidental Knitter, blogging to you live from deepest, darkest Central Pennsylvania. I think I finally have my act together enough to actually keep this blog going for longer than 2 months, so here I go again.

For those of you who don't know what an Accidental Knitter is, I'll explain. It's a person who never intended to pick up needles and yarn out of lack of interest/hand coordination/gray matter, but did one day and found it to be... addicting. It's a person who figured it wasn't a craft worth learning - I mean, acrylic yarn is just so... old-fashioned. And boring (sorry, Grandma - the blue K2P2 sweater you made me is all I knew at the time). It's a person who once uttered the question, "Why would you knit socks when you can just buy them for five bucks a pack?"

My, how I've grown.

Anyway, this is just a quick re-introduction. I'll soon be rambling about all sorts of knitting experiences, WIPs, and hopefully my attempts to learn how to spin. Right now, I want to finish the heel flap on my sock project.

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